Integrated solutions for the manufacture of small metal structures

Handling metal



Automatical cutting line for tube with head vertical descend disc with +/- 60º spin and CNC end. As well as tube, we can cut bars, platens and sheets. We offer laser cutting service for pipes and sheets.


Automatical cutting line with:

- Belt charger for metallic bars up to 7.000mm max length and 4™ capacity with turning system for oval and rectangular tubes.

- Vertical descend head for ø370mm disc. Disc spinning system +/-60º with a CN commander engine. Cutting capacity up to ø120mm.

- Material block with 2 groups of 2 independent clamp for avoid leftovers.

- Exit end for 3.200mm commanded by CN controller with a selector to choose different measurements 

Automatical cut / numerous equipment and profiles / infinity blends and cutting degrees.

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